Agricultural Mortgage Corporation

Buccleuch Rural Solutions are proud to have members of the team who are agents for the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC).

The AMC have been offering finance to farming and rural businesses for 85 years, giving them excellent knowledge and experience of the sector. This coupled with a network of agents who work in this environment every day, means that you can expect informed and practical support.

The AMC have a range of loans and mortgages from a 30 year fixed rate to £30,000+ flexible facility. They do not have a branch network or large sales force so their rates are competitive. They are proud of their no-nonsense approach by being honest and straight-talking. They are one of the only providers to offer a ‘lend and leave alone’ policy.

At Buccleuch Rural Solutions we are on hand to take you through the application process, help you gather the correct information together and present it in a way which gives you the best opportunity of being made an offer to fund your new purchase, expansion, diversification project or simply restructure your existing borrowing.

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